All too often some of the most talented rappers of the hood variety disappear off the map. Either they lose motivation, get birded off or in the worst case scenarios – lost their lives to the streets. One person who fits this bill is the Birminingham Rapper who goes by the name of ‘Trapanese Spy’ formerly known as ‘Spy Kokane Kruddy’.


I came across ‘Spy’ in the early part of last decade through some friends who were bumpin’ his freestyles. I was instantly caught by the rhyme work – plenty of imagery and plenty of multi’s. At the time my London friends were rinsin his music, it was not common for Brum rappers to get approval in the south, but irrespective of that he seemed to transcend the north south divide and command respect for his talent.

Since then he disappeared for many years, but resurfaced in the last couple of years ago. It’s good to see he’s back in effect, and I hope he sticks at it long enough to gain some much needed recognition and an oppurtunity to develop his craft as I believe he has a lot to offer. Although his recent offering don’t hit as hard as his music did when I was first introduced to him, his original work is a testiment to his ability, and if he sticks at and works with the right producers, I’m sure he can rekindle the magic he once had.

For now, if you’re not family with this underground hood talent, check out a couple of his classic bits along with a recent ‘Lockdown Challenge’ freestyle and release from last year by the name of ‘Bands’ to appreciate his style.

Written by Timi Ben-Edigbe


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