Last year I did a mix series called ‘Soulscape’in The Streets’ – taking UK Drill instrumentals and mashin’ ’em up with soulsoaked beats from UK Garage to experimental post-dubstep instrumentals. I planned on following it up this year, however when I listening back to the original series there was something special about the end product and the time it was made that upon reflection, I didn’t want damage the artistic integrity of it’s original quality. Since I made that series a lot has changed in the realms of UK Drill and broader Black British music. You only have to look at Headie One’s latest project -GANG’ where he teamed up with the likes of Jamie XX, along with the melodic sounds of contemporary UK Drill to see that what was unique at the time, is less significant today. So, to return to this format – in my opinion – just wasn’t going to have the same effect.


That being, I will be producing a new mix series in a effort to create something thats distinctly different to the sounds that are widespread  today, the details of which will be available soon. But for now, you can check out a couple of the edits I made when planning the 5th installment to enjoy in the meantime.

Keep it locked for more updates and stay safe.


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