I was sliding through the insta timeline as you and I stumbled across a rapper by the name of Zee Stack a couple week or so ago. After being drawn in by a preview of his latest release ‘Transition’ I was immediately struck by his rigorous rhymes and the realness the emanates from his vocals. Although he’s managed to accumulate a solid 6 figures views across all his releaes and even a milly on his track ‘No Days Off’, after a quick google search it became evident that his rap skills had yet to be fully recognised for it’s quality. That being said, Kenny Allstar – being the guy who always has his ear to streets did pick him up for what is undoubtedly a fire freestyle on his 1xtra show a month ago, so I guess he’s on his way way to bigger and better things.

In addition to this, I get the impression that, based on his latest single, he shows signs of a rapper that has more development to come and a lot more to offer if given the opportunity to team up with some of the UK’s leading producers. So, I felt compelled to share some tracks I was feeling and shed some light on this underground talent.

So, here’s a couple selections from his limited catalogue, and hopefully, in due course, more lovers of Britsh Rap music will find their way into his fanbase.

Written by Timi Ben-Edigbe


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