Merely 9 days into the new year and we’ve been treated to, and captivated by what already has the makings of one of the most memorable social events of the decade.  The complex series of feuds that lead us to where we’re at today has been an entertaining, exciting and inspiring journey thus far, and if you checked out the ‘Lord Of The Dubs – Part 1’ post from earlier this week you’ll have half the story of the saga so far. The post went live before Stormzy dropped his first dub, so his particular path into the trenches had yet to be detailed. So, here’s let what lead to the most captivated draw-out in Grime history and what we can expect to happen next.

stormzy clash pic.png

Now to first truly understand this you have to bare in mind that Wiley’s been on the rampage for a little while now. The geezers been goin’ at man like Ed Sheeran and Drake up and down Twitter, Instagram and virtual every social media platform he hasn’t been banned from for god knows how long. But on the 1st of January and in the midst of the burgeoning clashing climate created by Dot Rotten, Wiley, now swept up in the emotion of whatever was fueling the initial tyraid – intentionally or otherwise – channels his rage into a series of patronising tweets towards AJ Tracey..

wiley aj 2

wiley aj 1

Needless to say AJ didn’t want it and swerved the oppurtunity to engage in the mic war. Similarly to Dot Rotten who received radio silence from Jay1 in their initial fued which triggered his attack on JME, Wiley who’s now full of pent up aggression switches targets and seasons a new cut of beef with a flurry of furious tweets towards – you guest it – Stormzy…

wiley stormzy 2

wiley stormzy 3And thus began the second phase of this spectacular showcase…

Since then we’ve all been enthralled by the Grime music and the gossip surrounding the wardubs delivered by Wiley and Stormzy so far…

It’s safe to say – despite the controversial UK Drill beat – Stormzy took that first round, but their was still everything to play for. Wiley then returns fire with ‘Eediyat Skengman 2’ and keeps himself in the fight, but then this happened…

Big Mike came strong on the first dub, but the follow up was a devasting blow and it was at this point that it became clear that the Eskiboy was severely on the back foot. And he knew it..

wiley dead 1wiley dead 2

wiley throwing in the towel tweet.png

Based on whats unfolded since Wiley and Stormzy have exchanged blows, it’s unclear how the rest of this is gunna run. But what’s abundantly clear is that Dot Rotten’s contributions to the game are being widely overlooked. Not only was he the driving force behind this even happening to a certain extent, but he’s been churning out the bangers alongside the wardubs consistently since he told JME to stop calling him and get in the studio on Christmas Day. Not to mention the fact that he plans on releasing a tune every day this year and he’s done a stella job of sticking to the programme thus far.

Now although Stormzy has Wiley on the ropes right now, the fact the remains that Dot has sent enough considerable shots to a high enough standard to warrant a credible face off at this stage. When Stormzy called himself the “King of Grime” at the end of ‘Still Disappointed’ he opened up the contest for any credible Grime MC who’s worth their weigh in the game to challenge the statement. Which, if you ask me, legitimises Dot Rottens attempts to engage in the war and puts some pressure on Stormzy to address him. Stormzy’s definitely earned his stripes through this whole thing. He got to show the Grime hardcore and casual fans alike that he’s an elite micman. But the King Of Grime he is not, not yet at least …

dot 4 stormzy 1

Stormzy isn’t the only one who seems as though they were over looking Dot in this whole situation. You could probably put it down to his considerably smaller fanbase, but even the biggest platforms who should “Know Better” weren’t representing the culture accurately. I understand that they probably wanna create a clean-non-confusing poll focusing on the head to head that everyones paying attention to, but it feels like the larger platforms not pushing the wider narrative involving Dot leaves a lot of what’s making this experience even more exceptional out of the story, and thus, some Great British music talent out of the spotlight.

link tv and me.png

With JayKae yet to return fire back at Dot since he dropped ‘Shush’, Stormzy and Wiley’s 3rd round still on the cards and rumours of Chip preparing his arsenal the potential for the stakes to be raised even further is a very real possibility.

chip beef#.png

With Chip having the pen game, the track record and a fanbase that can’t be ignored with Stormzy claiming supremacy over the scene, the way things are going – if you ask me – he may have more than Wiley to worry about if he wants to truly claim the crown and continue calling himself the King of Grime. But only time will tell…

To be continued…

Written by Timi Ben-Edigbe | @TIMI.WATSONROSE


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