Despite my age (29 in case you were wondering) I do love abit’ah UK Drill for reasons I’ll probably divulge another time. But on this occasion i’ll be taking the opportunity to present a mix of sorts that ah’man recently patterned up, still.


I deeply rate UK Drill vocals – the greazy, incredibly violent imagery, modern flows and lyrical styles that the lace the sinister beats that’ve come to define the sound. And with that affinity for the music and the movement, I’ve always felt fascinated with the idea of a juxtaposition of the vocals against contrasting soulful selections. So I decided to get off my arse and set about making ’em for myself and those who may appreciate the alternative vibes in the form of Part 1 of an “art project” and series of “mixes” linkin’ UK Drill vocals married with some deeper UK instrumentals. There’s a little more to the mix to enhance to sonic experience, but you’ll have to lock in and listen fi fine out, y’zeeit.

So, from me to you here’s the ‘SOULSCAPE’IN THE STREETS (MEGAMIX) PART 1’



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