Aight, so initially I was going to do this diary on a daily basis, but the reality is I don’t have a daily drug problem. I find myself indulging in drug use in social situations or creating circumstances to indulge in drugs on a weekly basis. The classic case of living for the weekend to get sniffed up, tanked up and vali’d up as an escape from personal insecurities and/or cope with personal insecurities and the depression that comes with that. So to be honest if I wrote about my experiences on a day to day ting I probably wouldn’t have much to say other than recalling my otherwise boring daily endeavours. Instead i’m gunna reset the setup and log my weekly experiences as a retrospective practice and therapeutic log of my personal challenge to pursue a fruitful social and professional life free from drugs and alcohol.

So far so good. Avoided drink and drugs Saturday (the day I decided to commit to this lifestyle change) and am determined to remain on the wagon indefinitely. I do boxing twice a week to get that natural high and will be adding some more pass times and hobbies to my arsenal of recreational activities to keep the endorphins flowing and confidence up.

Last weekend I made a commitment, and this coming weekend will be the first test  in the form of a 30th Birthday party saturday night that I’ll be attending and experiencing my first night out off the sauce and the substances.

Really and truly you shouldn’t NEED drink or drugs to have fun at a party – despite it being a normalised aspect of a mainstream culture, but this weekend I’m gunna prove it that to myself.

So my target for the weekend? Go out, catch joke, catch a vibes, buss a skank and enjoy the company of friends and fam fuelled by soda water, lime cordial and a natural affinity for the shoobz.

Here’s me stuntin’ with my mouth guard and hand wraps on as the obligatory accompanying photo… Why not eh?

To be continued…

P.S. The site aint turning into the ‘diary of a broken man struggling to conquer his demons’ ting. I’ll still be doing interviews, i’ll still be droppin’ two-two music pieces and arlah dem ting der. So just bare with me and hold tight, y’zeeit 😉

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