GASWORKS is a new chat show brought to us by the gang at Boiler Room. Hosted by Poet – most notable for presenting Copa90, #HALFCAST podcast and nuff different shows and appearances on GRM & Channel U (RIP) classic ‘Never Gonna Blow‘ Alongside his 19 year old, loud and lairy co-host Alhan Gencay who’s unfiltered opinions stimulate the most ridiculous and subsequently hilarious conversations. Alhans opening gambit on every show so far being “So, are you a bocat?”; just to put things in to perspective…


I gotta take my hat off to Boiler Room on this one. Some people may see the brand as the spiritual home of ecky’d out hipsters flaying about to pretentious House DJ’s on their live streams, but this show fully delivers on it’s alternative appeal as an “Urban” music based chat show hosted by credible presenters. Another show contributing to our elevating British Urban Music Scene and it’s representative culture. It’s not just informative for the Boiler Rooms likely less informed core fanbase; but it fuckin’ joke! And if you’re naturally sceptical – as I can imagine you would be – you can check the first three episodes below to form your own opinion.

Episode 1 featuring Frisco who – as the first guest – is completely taken aback by Alhan’s standard opening question – along with his unruly attitude. But this dynamic – as it continues to – gives the show it’s unique appeal. With Poet holding fort as the mature and self aware co-host balancing the madness.

Episode 2 features Biskit who – if you didn’t know already – gained his notoriety for feeling up his Mum’s batty on Snapchat for “Jokes”. Poet and Alhan don’t hold back on drawing him out and questioning his deviant behaviour and warped sense of humour. Biskit pretty much exposes himself as an absolute eediat, a bit of a weirdo and I’m glad someone finally did.

Episode 3 featuring Iran – on this occasion – Alhan doesn’t get away with his usual antics, b’cah Irah aint ‘avin it! None of it! But, he still holds it up as the root of the vast majority of memorable moments.

This show is definitely got legs and I for one am looking forward to the next episode and seeing the show develop. More shows, more life, more celebration of the culture. Keep up the good work lads.


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