Media platforms and British Urban music lovers alike regularly pay homage to GRM and Link Up for there considerable contributions to our celebrated Urban music scene – and rightfully so. They both played an integral role in breaking artists and promoting broader British youth culture and the music that’s been spawn from it in particular. But it seems as though people don’t hail up the East London based YouTube channel “Bl@ck Box’s contributions to scene enough.

Like JDZ Media for the midlands, East London based organisation has championed unknown talent since the early ascent of our scene – and in some regards – have been a spring board to the later success of a lot unknown artist. The most obvious being ‘Abra Cadabra’ freestyle which that took the Tottenham rapper from zero to a hundred real quick; bearing in mind that the track ‘Robbery’ that had the iconic barz that catalysed his rise was already floating about. His 10 minute freestyle on that channel stimulated the viral affect that created his initial buzz.

I intend to get an interview with the guys behind the Channel/Studio so to learn more about how it all came together and there motives and vision for the brand long term. But for now, considering Link Up and GRM in relative terms are mainstream channels, let’s tek time to appreciate two-two percy freestyles that gave accurately represent their notoriety as a credible representation of underground rap talent.

RUPTION (2013)


MOVER (2012)



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