After droppin’ this spchiel on insta a while back about the preview of this hook from an – at the time – unreleased Harlem Spartans track which you can scope below…

At long last the tune finally late last weej. The verses weren’t as solid as I would’ve hoped – though Zico and Bis hold it down, slylee. But, largely because certain Spartans weren’t features – namely Loski, TG, MizorMac and Blanco – arguably because the latter 3 are currently doin’ bird. But it does beg the question; where was Loski? A question I intend to find the answers for because Zico and Bis have been holdin it up for Harlem despite Loski doin’ bits independently of late which may be at the heart of his absence…

But for now we’ll appreciate the song for what it is; a bludclart banger! – And we should expect it to be tumpin’ down the dances for the rest of the summer season and beyond. Joshua Beats (co-producer of J Hus’ breakthrough track Dem Boi Paigon) came with power producky and the hook has the singalong appeal of a certified street anthem.

So, DJ’s, Selectors and house party aux cable gang; your time!



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