Aight, this may seem late. But in reality an album takes time to marinade, and sometimes – when you’re a bit busy – things pass you by slylee; like speaking on Sneakbo’s latest album ‘Brixton’. But I’m ‘ere now, y’zeeit! Here to hail him up cah finally Bo delivers on that Jetskiwave fans like myself have been patiently waited for.

Heavily championing the Afroswing sound he highly influenced, informed and played a front line role in it’s early conception alongside man like Timbo. So, with his distinct sound reaffirmed throughout the album has continuity, which a lot of “Urban” album’s lack more time. Maybe they don’t set out to achieve it – seeing as the concept of the “album” has become distorted of late due to the rise of the modern mixtape. Or they don’t get a single producer to overlook or entirely produce the whole project like Hus’ ‘Common Sense’ (Jai5) and Biz’s mixtape ‘Free H’ (6ix Figure, and although I wasn’t a huge fan of the latter – they felt complete cohesive.

Whether Sneakbo employed the same producer to pattern his album on a Rick Rubin/Dr Dre ting isn’t clear. Possibly he – along with his team – have finally cracked the code and nailed his lane. Who knows?What I do know as a fan, is that the albums deep, not a classic, but a cold series of songs that tell a story, his story, a Brixton story.

sneakbo 1

If you want mad lyricism, pure mind melting punchlines and multi’s then you might as well swerve this whole post now, to be honest. But if you want a vibes, wavy beat selection, flows n’ stylee, personal hood tales, Afroswing – in it’s varied forms and a ride on the “Jetski Wave” then you’ll appreciate this as much as I do. True to his interview on NFTR, he’s come with an album that is more than a mixtape. More than a set of songs, but a reflection of himself creatively, personally and largely to the soundtrack of the Afro “flavour of the moment” in time.

So, seeing as I’ve had the two-two tracks on RINSE the last couple weeks, and Sneakbo’s made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions that he doesn’t get enough; here’s my Top 6 picks gettin’ plenty of playtime on my blower, still:

sneakbo new.png

A true introduction to Bo Bo. Though Timbo could argue the same level of influence, this track – and the intro in particular – highlights Sneakbo’s importance in informing the landscape of the scene today. Can’t forget Drake was screamin’ Bo before he was screamin’ Skeppy… ‘Where I’m From(listen below)


– Sneakbo – Warm Dem (2011)

Into this ” quintessential” RnB meets  Rap style song from the album seasoned with South London stylee, heartfelt reflection, and healthy dose of some affi swag from Moelogo’s vocal offerings on the hook: ‘24/7′;

Tumperz and another straight Sneakbo beaterz – Back Then

A single most would be familiar with now and a solid single for the aesthetic of the album: ‘Nah ft Not3s

A slow whinerz. Biggup Chezeeko on da hook, still: ‘Bad

Obviously had to slap this one in. Certified banger featuring The Landlord; shutdown-shellytown: ‘Active ft Sneakbo



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