????? BY PANIK (ATG)

I rediscovered a piece of art by my pal and notorious London graffiti geezah Panik (ATG) a couple years ago….

panik trin.png

Now, more often than not Abstract Art is incredibly pretentious wanky fix-gear bollocks. But, on this occasion it aint…

If you’ve grown up in London – more specifically North/West and you were born in or prior to the early 90s, or were deep in the graff game and or were familiar with a certain transport service to and from London; you may recognise the abstracted concept. The colour palette, finely balanced use of shapes, patterns and accumulative symbolism culminate in this alluring piece. I could hang this up practically anyway in the drum, and for me personally this is slylee abstract Art in it’s best form; decorative and meaningful.

At the minute Panik’s busy pursuing other endeavours and responsibilities, but hopefully – if and when he returns to the game – he’ll revisit this distinct direction to some more “close to home” ‘Themed Abastraction’ bits.

And a few personals, y’get me:

Biggup gang, extended ATG fam, and especially RIP Jan. London legend, leader of the pack and a personal inspiration. The legacy will lives on…


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