As a 28 year old member of “Generation Y” (along with Gen Z for that matter) have all grown up exclusively with centre left or right wing political parties to choose from. Tony ‘Bumbclart’ Blair and the “New Labour” fuckry – that severely damaged Labour’s heritage, integrity and legacy from a brand perspective – with the Libs Dem’s being left on the “Left”, and the Tories along with your quintessential fringe fascist parties on the right. Every post war generation – bar us – has had the privilege of a legitimate socialist option.

In light of Labour returning to it’s roots as a socialist party for the people; as they introduced the NHS, Minimum Wage, Maternity leave, compulsory holiday leave and much more for the benefit of the average common person. Here’s some select visuals of posters from the parties decorated history and hallways. Supplied by Generation Y, fellow baby-boomer-baby, friend and Labour party adviser, Laura. Biggup!


“Get ahead like i’m a Tory!

Real gangsters don’t do this for the glory!

Same shit, another day another story; when the Government talk shit it bores me!”

– Novelist


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