We interviewed 40z AKA Poundlandit last year. His first interview and one that, true to his comedic character was fullup’ah banter – which you can check HERE; hang tight Hetty Douglas, still…

Since then – and shortly after – Vice followed up with a piece (s/o Nilu), he’s dropped a Zine (s/o Deano), got the certi GRM Daily insta hail up, and as a result launched himself and his brand has into a higher tier of cultural significance – particularly in London today.

His quality control and consistency has been sterling throughout. So, seeing as we were the first to get an interview, we’ll be the first to slide through the archive and pick – for me at least – ‘6 Priceless Poundlandbandit Percy’s’. The one’s that had to get a reload, y’get me:

I’m sorry, but if you don’t get the last one, you may live here, but you aint from London; straight…


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