I go by the name of Trav. But firstly allow me to point out that my names not Trav. My names Chris – I’ll let you work that one out. From Nuneaton AKA Treacle town – I’ll also let you work that one out too. Father, Skater, ex-risk taker – dived off the roof of large building and successfully smashed my whole face in; fortunately I don’t really do things like that anymore – animator, filmmaker, Artist / Illustrator; depending on who’s asking….

Here’s my first set of some old and so me new work for you to get ya head round for Vol 1.SKATE ATTIC PRINT A3viva rolling pic A2TRAV LLSB FLYER DESIGNFOLLOW THE LEADER SLEEVEMICROFOTS INSTA 1ONE EYED INSTAquay illustration trav3310 printsouth bank finishedCUBIST NIGHTMARE INSTA

RIP BNTLbntl small





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