South London Artist ‘Lucas Dupuy’ has been steadily evolving his abstract offerings for the last couple years. His work has a quality that transcends what on first glance is just a series of random lines or sparcely placed boxes on a “canvas”. But, there’s something about it that strongly suggests a deeper intent despite, what otherwise seems like senseless and pretentious art.

To get a clearer idea as to not only what his art is all about, in an interview with It’s Nice That last year he explained. “For the past six months I have been exploring the subject of learning to read and write with dyslexia. I have been referencing my personal experiences and exploring how they have affected my learning as a child,” Lucas contiunes. “When learning to read, I found that the shape of words were often blurred and would jump across the page. My recent paintings make use of the symbols that stand in for something unreadable.” A more than adequate justification and validation for my personal fascination and appreciation for it. .

In the spirit of the new year I asked 25 year old Lucus what were his goals moving forward and where his inspirations were at now:

“Inspirations… Brutal-ism , Symbolism , Dyslexia , Reading and writing. My main goal is to continue making more work on a consistent basis and just try to explore these themes further… ” – Lucus Dupuy, 2018

This did shed some light on what drives Lucus’ style, and with his intentions to continue exploring and developing, I’m sure as time progresses his work will reflect his better understanding of these themes – with a more seasoned style that will make for some great pieces of art.

IMG_0119 - CopyIMG_0325 - CopyInside-world-Charcoal-ink-and-Gouache-on-paper-60cm-x-40cm-2015-745x1024IMG_0336 - CopyIMG_0239Sound-and-Vision-Gouache-and-ink-on-paper-60cm-x-40cm-2016

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I intend to have more in-depth chat with Lucas about his work sometime soon so keep it locked for that, and plenty more Interviews to come this week and beyond.


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