Alight den! After a chat with my spar OG – 35 year old ‘North London UK Garage raver’ and ‘Lord Gelly’s Soundsystem Selector’ this afternoon, he – as man who keep’s his ear to the streets – gave me a quick run down of what is now a soundwar between Wiley & Durrty Doogz AKA Durrty Doogz AKA – now – OG Roots.

Here’s baaasically how the conversation via WhatsApp voice-notes ran😏 – with the regards to the aforementioned “run down”:

OG: “Oi I see Doogz sent for Wiley big time!”

Me: “Nar! I’m gunna have to go and research that! But that’s mad!”

OG: “Doogz must’ve went to the Grime Originals ting. And he was droppin his old “Kiley” barz. And true say coz Gifts warrin’ with Wiley at the moment on this “Godfather” ting; so Doogz has come with this Godfather ting and murdered him!”

Me: *I listen to the Doogz Wardub* “I’m a Grime Original someone’s lyin’! I buss the ting and someone’s flyin’! I touch the stage and SOMEONES DYIN!…’ oi I’m writing a post for this today bredrin!”

OG: “Wiley’s in problems now. He aint got bars for dis. And don’t forget Doogz has taken out Wiley before! When Wiley was in his prime – Boyz In Da Hood/Roll Deep days! C’mon man!”

Me: “Real talk… Wiley even admits the only clash he ever lost was Doogz in his NFTR interview, still. But, I wouldn’t write him off…

You can check out the Wardub for yourself and be the judge, but boi; this definitely aint over…


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