Everyone know’s how Harlem get down. With what seems like most of the members inside – namely TG on this occsssion – the crew has built a notorious reputation for not only being one of the most talented young Rap (Drill) crews in the country, but also some of the naughtiest bredda’s on road.


Along with Loski who’s spent his time as free man proactively pumpin out the tunes – particularly ‘Forrest Gump’ which I’m sure we’ll see a video and official release for soon. TG is one of the most talented members of the crew in my personal opinion. Unfortuntately, due to that Kennington-Harlem lifestyle he – along with his pals – always seem to find themselves getting into trouble. Eitherway it’s lookin’ like TG’s preparing for his return and when he does touch road he’ll waste no time catching up with his comrade Loski in the Rap-Race, start churning out them bangers!


So, despite these guys unruly attitudes and bad reputations there is some hope for ‘Harlem Spartans’, and we’ll see how things pan out for this Rudeboy bunch of badder than bad mic men in the new year.


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