British media platforms and podcasts alike among the forward thinkers of the the Urban community and champions of the Culture have been on the rise and giving more life, more content and more dimensions to our native scene. One of the latest discoveries of mine being the #HALFCAST Podcast presented by DJ & Radio personality ‘Chuckie’ and co-hosted – more often than not – with fellow radio host and presenter Poet.


Since switchin on to the YouTube series a couple months ago there’s been some stand out shows. Namely, the in-depth and hilarious link up with Giggs where they accidentally airout Giggs’ current £50k+ booking fee, the DJ Akademiks situation that partially informed ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ and other interesting lines of conversation. Krept & Konan’s episode was also insightful as they discuss being misunderstood and overlooked by the industry and their fans. And, the more recent episode featuring  man like Harvey (So Solid) which revolves around  Stormzy and the old tweets of his that sparked a media backlash not too long ago, and the culture surrounding these reoccurring incidents among “celebrities” and their behavior on social media.

All of these episodes below come recommended, and slappin’ subscribe on his YouTube channel HERE is also good shout, still. #MORELIFE #MOREGREATNESS #RESPEKANLOVE


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