Artist, Fashion Designer and now, restaurateur. The Catford proud, South London Maverick ‘Ryan Hawaii’ has been a leader in London’s underground fashion world and his style tribe has continued to grow over the years – and with it – has come opportunities, more evolution, and of-course, more inspiring clothes.

I had an exchange with Ryan about where he’s at now creatively, styling, the “streetwear” scene and what’s his next steps in the new year.

It’s been a over a year since our last interview on BNTL (Which you can check out HERE). So, whats popped off since we last spoke? Any major growth and developments between then and now?

A lot has gone on. I’ve worked with Off-White, Selfridges, Converse, Nike, a lot of big names. Also my brand overall has grown a whole load.

How do you feel about the state of fashion and style in the “streetwear” sense among young people today? Is it stale? Or are their some real stand taste makers out their you respect?

There are some people who really know what’s going on, No Vacancy, Jordan Vickors, Sam Ross, Jai Eleven etc.

Whats the plan for the restaurant in catford you recently launched? And what inspired you to take up a venture in your hometown?

It all happened so spontaneously, I met the chef in main catford we got chatting, he needed someone to run the shop and the rest is history.

How’s the rest of the Clan and how’s music going? Any projects you wanna talk about?

Yeah it’s going really well, Daniels gearing up to release PRESEASON in the new year, OMELET is finishing up his EP and I got plenty in the works too.

What 3 current UK artists – given the freedom – would you like to style, and why?

Milkavelli, Skepta & IAMDDB they all dress well.

Whats inspiring your new work? And what pieces of yours are you particularly rating right now? I think you mentioned a jacket on Twitter you liked so much you didn’t even wanna release it! 

Everything, conversations, philosophy, all types of ideas, maturing as a person and an artist, yeah! I made a sick cut and sew reconstructed hoodie from some vintage Metallica tees; I love it so much I wanna keep it!

Whats next for the Ryan Hawaii brand? Whats the plan going into 2018?

Expansion. Working on the FACTORY™ line, more big collabs and pop ups worldwide. And art shows.


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