An unreleased incredibly infectious anthem from Kennington’s finest ‘Loski’ is on the “Loose” and I’ll explain why. Check my post below for the brukdown + my recent feature on Loski Loose from last week HERE

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🇬🇧🔊❄️ Afro-groove, lyrical stylee, flavour, flair and finesse = the formula. This underground, unknown and unfamiliar song – performed and written by one of the cruddiest youngers, from one of most menacing, hanous, highly criminally active music acts in British Music history did what I always believed was possible, and at long last was fortune to witness at @connie__rose ‘s birthday shoobz last night. @LoskiHarlem with ah’man’s mucky merky and serious selection ‘Forrest Gump’ instantly became – from personal experience – THE FIRST BRITISH MC to uncompromisingly chat a bag of greaze on a riddim with out and out dark hood imagery, that, in an act of genius was juxtaposed against this vibesy #AFROWAVE beat with the greaztalk hook and the unruly, ‘Laidback-Lengman Loski’ ruder than Rudeboy verses to striking effect. When I pressed play it immediately captivated the crowd; uplifted the vibe and turned over the dancefloor with the impact and response you’d expect off a recognised club classic. So boi… after that tun’up if this track aint an underground anthem with bonafide crossover potential; despite the incredibly violent lyrics… i dunno what is mate. Basically, droppin that tune was an experience I’ll never forget. So salute Connie on the birthday skankers. And hail up Loski Loose for what is now for me, the coldest UK #THUGLOVE song of all time, y’zeeit! 🙅🏾‍♂️ #IFYOUKNOW #YOUKNOW #MAZZA #MOREGREATNESS #SHUTDOWN #SKANKAS • “Still puttin’ skengs on peds, what a violent trend, don’t talk on my name…” – Loski #HARLEM • CC/ @jonahfranciswest @joeyrobs @420brah @ugolang @jack.dalziel ✨

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