As we all know there’s been a whoppin’ wave of public figures outed for acts of sexual assault. With man like Spacey and Weinstein being the most notable creeps to hit the headlines, which has largely contributed to the growing force of female empowerment encouraging woman to speak-out about such experiences. Unfortunately the way in which the victims of the wanka’s who’ve been at it in our government aren’t seeing anything that remotely resembles justice.

Four Conservative MPs have now been referred to the party’s new internal disciplinary panel, which was set up two weeks ago. But letters sent out by the panel say that allegations received from complainants will be forwarded on to the accused but doesn’t say they’ll be anonymised. One party official said: “This is not going to encourage anyone to come forward.”

Furthermore, complainants have not yet been told the identity of the three panel members who will hear the cases. One said: “As far as I know, it could be the MP’s mother. We need to be told.”


No surprises that the Tories – despite having a female leader – are seemingly moving lacklustre about what is a obviously serious issue. And the lack of balance in gender representation in government in some regards is a big part of the problem.

On the steps of Downing Street after she became prime minister, May said the gender pay gap was one of the key issues of economic inequality that she was determined to tackle. Yet, she’s in fact done fuck all to address this problem.

“There was this hope she had come into the job with an understanding of what needed to be done for equal opportunities. The Conservatives said they would axe section 78 of the Equalities Act and insist businesses move towards total pay transparency and we were delighted, but since then, nothing.

“The government said it would issue guidelines this autumn to companies and we’ve seen absolutely nothing. There’s nothing in the autumn statement about childcare or social care. The silence is deafening.” Says Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality Party).

Today the prevalence and blatancy of oppression towards female members of society is of great national concern, yet our eediat female prime minister just doesn’t seem to register this.


In other news, the Tories in the Grenfell borough have been slammed for a shameful survey asking residents to rate how important they think the tragic fire which killed at least 80 people is on a scale of zero to 10.

The letter, which was sent out in Courtfield ward, Kensington asks constituents to put a number on how much they care about “The tragedy of Grenfell and the help for the families affected and the wider community”.

They’re asked to judge the tragic fire alongside other issues including “keeping council tax low”, “recycling” and “crossrail 2; as if to say your home burning down killing neighbours, friends and family and when your rarseclart bins get collected are in the same realm of community concern; you literally couldn’t make it up. A prime example of the soulless lack of compassion or genuine care in Tory political culture.

The survey comes just 5 months on from the horrific fire, that, despite all the promises made, has only seen 26 families moved to permanent accommodation.

So, all in all – for now aleast – the Tories and their mountain of accumulated fuckry will continue to grow…


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