When you think of prevalant Stonebridge muscians and the surrounding postcode area of NW10, the rappers K Koke and Nines will likely be the first that spring to mind. But the legacy of NW10 runs deeper the aforementioned contemporary urban music acts.

Before Nines and K Koke were even out of nappies  ‘Chukki Starr’ was a prominent figure on the block. Gaining notoriety in the UK as a Reggae/Dancehall artist, making noise on the roads along side man like Gappy Ranks around time the certified original Jamaican badmanlike Beenien Man and Bounty Killer were bruckin’ down the dancehall’s, concerts and event the charts on a global scale.

I won’t get deep into the life and times of ‘Chukki Starr’, but instead direct you to this music video which made it’s way onto YouTube a couple of weeks a ago for his track ‘Crazy’. The song that details his early days in hood; and the video – full of old photo’s and footage of Stonebridge Estate, the manor and the mandem back in the late 80/and 90s to deepa effect; considering the context of the song and the reality a’man’s spent 7 years jail. Not to mention the timecapsule value  giving a rare visual insight into an area and commutiy prior to the demolition of the blocks in estate in the early noughties; plus a slice of life on the roads and a taste of the street-style of the era way back when in NW10.

chukki 1chukki 2chukki 3chukki 4chukki 5chukki 6chukki 7

to be continued stil….


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