If you aren’t already following PoundLand Bandit on Instagram, then you’ve probably already seen his cutting and hilarious memes on various accounts like Wavey Garms, Sick Chirpse and many others who’ve all been spreading his now infamous ‘starter packs’ based around those typical London cunts that everyone seems to know but no one seems to like. From Hypebeast heads to K fiends, your part-time “fezzy season shotters” to their MDMA loving Posh Girl customer base; no one’s safe from Poundland Bandit’s witheringly accurate take downs.

I caught up with the graffiti artist named 40ounce who is behind the account to see where he gets his inspiration from and what his favourite memes are at the moment.

So what made you start the IG and doing memes in general?

I just started it to post photos of nights out and mates and the occasional bit of graff, but then I started following all them meme pages and I clocked no one makes any (decent or funny) ones about graffiti and London life and the people you’d see day to day so I thought I’d make some for a laugh and it kind of blew up a little bit.

How did it blow up you reckon?

I don’t even know, I think because some of the stuff I made was indirect pisstakes to a lot of people who followed me and they found it made them crease enough to laugh at themselves and tag their mates in it and whatever, also shout out to Wavey Garms for calling me the king of memes, think that got me like 2000 followers in the last couple days which is jokes cos 90% of them are the exact people I make memes about.

Lol yeah I clocked that! Do you know Andres?

Yeah known him like maybe 2-3 years I think? Just from seeing him about at events and that, we got bare mutual mates, that and I’ve sold him a few bits and bobs down at the WG shop, top G.

Yeah he’s a good lad. So where do you get your inspiration for these memes from?

Just from going out on the piss in either south or east, seeing the way people try too hard with the way they act or dress, or sometimes I’ll see something happen on a night out like a geez outside XOYO getting battered for trying to tick K off someone, sounds deep but I find the funny side of it and so a meme is born.

They are good memes to be honest mate. So specific but so cutting. Where do you see yourself in relation to those kinds of people? Like do you hang about with some people like that or are your mates a lot different?

At first I thought everyone would get that all of the memes were an exaggerated version of people I’d seen on a night out or social media but it turns out people exactly like that down to a T actually exist it’s so jokes. The lot I hang about with, well… any memes about shoplifting alcoholic graffiti writers didn’t just pop up out of thin air, you get me…

Haha yeah! Do you know The Lurkers and the ATG lads?

Nah, I know of them obviously, but can’t say I’ve ever formally met any except a quick hello or something at an event or party or whatever, rate the tee’s they bring out though fully.

Yeah, same. So do you think these memes have become easier to make because of the fetishization of London culture by posh kids?

1000% mate. All these brehs from Dulwich and Putney rocking Nike TN’s and Stone Island is jokes, they’ll say ‘bruv’ and ‘fam’ and talk the talk but they melt when they meet original rudeboys, same as these clapped posh girls dressing like single mums from Croydon circa 2002. When did it become popular to look like you were waiting in the queue for job centre in Peckham rye?

I feel like people like that get called out all the time but everyone forgets about it after a while, memes are some fuckin weird phenomenon in 2017 so it’s easy to get my hate across to 1000’s of people, maybe it’ll make them change, maybe they’ll just laugh at it.

So do you ever get shit for your memes at all?

Not as far as I know, I think people do honestly know it’s a joke, if they take themselves too seriously or get offended or have a problem with me then they can do what any adult would do and go fuck themselves innit.


Yeah you’re absolutely right. So what did you make of the whole Hetty Douglas thing then?

Ah, that person. Well I’ll say this, I don’t know her background so can’t call her a rich girl or any of that shit everyone else was doing. But I’ll say this, her art is hyped garbage and anyone who gassed her up is an idiot to the nextest level. What she said was dumb, and ignorant and it seemed like her apology letter was insincere as fuck, but with people like that they’re a walking meme already so my jobs obsolete.

Fair play, ice cold. OK so where do you see that side of London culture in the next five years? How do you see London youth culture evolving ? Not that you’re an expert or nowt but you have a keen eye for cultural trends I think.

It’s a trend for now to look and talk like you’re from a rough area, I still don’t know why though, could be the resurgence of U.K. Grime, could be high end streetwear brands marketing towards rudeboys, who knows, but it won’t last long. The only people who’ll be rocking the Air Max’s and North Faces in five years will be the same bods who’ve been doing it their whole life.

It’s hard to say how it’s gonna evolve, could go in some mad direction and you’ll see bare people dressing like Mods or Teddy Boys, you never really know. But it seems to be every few years the trend is based on what was cool ten years ago so hopefully everyone’s rocking flame shirts and Osiris D3 skate shoes.

Haha yeah I rated that look so I’m hoping so. What are your favourite meme accounts at the moment?

Mostly graffiti related ones, but there’s tonnes of jokes ones who post other weird shit, @Polo_cutty, @Stillbrazy, @wolf_eyes_psychojazz, @evrtythingisterrible666, @tri.coloured.

And what are your favourite memes general right now?

Tough one, but probably all of mine cos they’re sick. But nah this one had me creasing hard:

Deffo my favourite one this month…

Oh man that’s a good ‘un.

Mate I legit cackled when I seen it.

So do you have anything else to add in the way of memes, London culture and general fuckeries?

Like, I just have fun innit, the only people i intend to offend are the people who’ll see my posts and get pissed off’ cos they’re mad that they’re shitty people haha. As for fuckeries, if anyone’s ever sees me bolting out of a shop, do me a favour and trip over the Security guard. I’ll get you a pint.

Cheers 40ounce.

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