Within the open topped; sand carpeted colosseum that is the UK Grime Scene a great and mighty contest has now come to an end. It was brutal; it was savage; it was blood for blood and by the gallons! As two titans of the scene came together to do battle over pride, respect, a deep rooted relationship and lyrical supremacy;the whole country stood still and looked on with eager anticipation, mouths watering at the thought of two skeng MCs whose skill with the pen is of the highest order – going at it hell for leather; no holds barred with nothing else to rely on but their witsssss; their (iPhone) note pad and their ball point.


P Money real name Paris Moore-Williams and Dot Rotten real name Joseph Ellis-Stephenson are two artists that came up in the game together as members of the heavyweight south London collective OGz (Organised Grime) and have appeared together on several different projects none more popular or far-reaching than 2007s OG Season Volume 1.


As well as this they have duppied countless radio sets and shutdown multiple raves both as part of the OGz ensemble which includes others such as founding member N.E. (now deceased), Blacks, Little Dee, Jendor and Desparado. Lesser known members like Stormar and Ruger with the work that they put in over the years has also helped to build the OGz brand into what it is today. So with a shared history that stretches back years we all knew that this war had the potential to get very personal very quickly and we weren’t wrong. Bars like:

Remember how you met Shivz?You was 19, a virgin and shit/ No game, man had me writing his myspace messages. My man was all nervous and shit/ Then later on man done a diss. How’s man doing a whole dub for Shivz?/ Calling her a hoe when you wifey’d. Don’t lie you wouldn’t have done it otherwise G . Yeah feelings blatantly wifey.

From P Money and:

Im making a point. I came to your community and made a mark. I got brought in by Zaggi its bait your annoyed/ He took me Dennis’s first I got left in the studio on melanins word. I recorded the ends, my development worked.

From Dot Rotten – true to form, as a known cheeky MC – but both MC’s on this occassion felt a real need to not just prove their total contempt for one another, but also a  to cause maximum shame and embarrassmen.On his 8 and a half minute dub Real Talk Dot even asks his listeners the question ‘did you notice?’ and then continues to reel off one-by-one all the so called lies and fabrications told by P Money in his first dub also called ‘Real Talk’.

However, if I were to tell you who I think won the war overall I’d have to say P Money. Even though Dot had the best dub of the clash with Steak Bake, a feisty five minute radio set where Dot ‘brings back that Grime element’ P Money came with more dubs and the smack he was talking just seemed to ultimately hit home harder. From beginning to end P kept a constantly high level of quality in the dubs he was releasing, on the other hand Dot Rotten built up to; and hit his peak; at around the halfway mark with the aforementioned Steak Bake and then dropped off towards the end. Why was this? Did he ran out of ammo? Had he lost the stomach for war? Whatever the reason, the drop in energy and intensity was clear to see and it cost him dearly.

Right from the off P Money started very strongly and with his first dub Real Talk which was released in response to Dots ‘Organised Grime’ freestyle he took the lead with authority not only answering the accusations levelled at him in the ‘Organised Grime’ freestyle but coming with some heavy slander and accusations of his own. P Money was on a smear campaign and ‘Real Talk’ was the first stop on his run to victory. Bars Like:

Like you said in your Fire in the Booth all you had was beats and shit bars/ I mean how else do you think you got this hard? Wait, we know how you got this hard coz you’re only half a writer/ Lets see what your fans are gonna think when you finally admit that you use MasterWriter.

Coz you’ve gone and wifey’d Lusardi Rose/ Name says it all car everyone knows/ She was beaten’ man you might call bro/ Your closers are thinking ‘woah this is peak’/ Her Snapchats got too many streaks/ Brudda, this tings run through HeavyTrackerz studio way more than me.

Not only call into question Dots ability as an MC but also his gritty – now questionable – streetwise persona. This would be a frequently used technique by P Money during the clash and he cast further doubt in the minds of the people concerning Dot Rottens tough south London rudeboy image in his next dub Liars in the Booth where he openly admits to rushing Dot in an unknown music studio for making a diss track aimed at him.


After sustaining heavy and significant damage from Real Talk and Liars in the Booth the pressure was on for Dot to come back swinging and he didn’t disappoint. His next dub after Organised Grime freestyle was Real Talk. Dot Rotten chose the same instrumental used for P Moneys Real Talk and during the 8 minutes 40 second running time he gives what feels like a thorough, well thought out lesson on flows and delivery switching rhyming styles with ease. For the first couple of minutes Dot seems to be on the defensive but with bars like :

Stop giving girls black eyes raise your son, act right/  Your meant to be a role model for the black guys/ Did you notice he didn’t deny he don’t slap wives?

He still found time to remind the audience of Ps alleged woman beater past. From this dub it’s clear to see that Dot didn’t have as much dirt on P compared to how much Phas on him but Dot’s talent and flow carried this dub. The highlight comes 4:50 minutes in when Dot uses the same rhyming pattern used by Jendor for the chorus on OGz Classic Grime banger Get Dwn Get Dwn. Coincidentally, this tune also happens to feature P Money.

Another classy moment comes a few minutes earlier when Dot manages to rhyme the names of all the MCs he has worked with in the studio including Ps. If ‘kill’em with flows’ was Dots mantra for the making of this dub then the evidence shows that it worked or at least helped somewhat.

dotpWith both artists now moving through the gears of war and Dot adding an extra dimension to the clash by saying at the end of his Real Talk that “he’s doing his ting when he sees P” the level of intensity to this situation had increased but instead of fear and hesitation, P Money came right back with his 3rd dub Did You Notice? Using the same instrumental used for the Birmingham smash Straight Up Remix.

You can tell that Dot penetrated with his last dub. so P makes it a point to show he is no mug, by remixing Dots did you notice bars (hence the name of P Moneys dub) and using the same flow Skepta uses for his first verse on Straight Up Remix. P  does all this whilst simultaneously picking even more holes in Dot Rottens now damaged profile.

During the Did You Notice video P Money shows us an old clip of a Young Dot (Dot Rottens old alias) vs Flamer clash. In this clip Flamer appears to shove Young Dot in the face and if you check out the full video online you can see what looks like punches being thrown in Young Dots direction. All of this goes to further degrade Dots standing in streets; an element of war that – depsite not being a part of the music, is a profound aspect of the undeground culture. Add a few digs in about being poor and homeless and what we have here is a ruthless and hard hitting enslaught that really cuts to the core of Ps overall message which is Dot is a fake, a bum and someone not to be trusted.

It’s at this moment that we reach a slight turning point in the war where Dot tries to take the upper hand by releasing 2 dubs in quick succession. The first being Facts and the second which is the best dub of the whole war Steak Bake. Both tracks are produced by Dot sounding very minimal leaving him with more than enough room for his bars to come through nice and clear. In Facts Dot can be seen in what looks like a work shop surrounded by tools and pieces of wood. With dark shades covering his eyes he, again starting on the defensive begins by addressing all of the “lies” told by P on his last dub but after a minute or two hits us with:

So really you wifey’d a sket. You beat up both of your ex’s/ got arrested abusing women brother its time to confess/ Imagine Betty inside the house with him arguing scared for her life them nights full of stress/ Sian in the morning going to work depressed having to put on a fake smile to present.

Apart from poking fun at P Moneys weight, Dot didn’t really have too much else to say. But what he did have was stylee and on this dub he uses it to full effect. Facts along with Steak Bake were Dots best efforts but after what seemed like mere moments the initiative was wrestled away from him as P Money released two videos for the dubs Bruck Beyond Broke and I Got Bars/Man Like Peri. Surprisingly enough to me at least P Money was coming with the same rawness and intensity that he showed at the beginning of the clash first making fun of Dots financial instability in Bruck Beyond Broke and then setting the record straight on certain misdemeanours in I Got Bars/Man Like Peri plus with bars like:

And what did you do when Ruger caught you at Corey Johnsons and banged you in the eye?/ Narda, jack, third time you never swung back you ain’t bad rudeboy thats a lie.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 19.30.21

P Money continued to kick dirt on Dots street cred. With the stakes so high and being the one to initiate the clash you would think that Dot Rotten would want to keep his own energy and intensity levels raised, but with his next dub Spirit Bomb he does the exact opposite and it’s at this point that in my view he loses the clash.

Spirit Bomb not to be confused with ‘AJ Traceys – Spirit Bomb’ represents not just a below par left field move in the name of creativity, but also a poorly judged attempt to establish a deeper connection with his audience. Rap music and Hip Hop in general because of its low tempo instrumentals gives artists the opportunity to spit at a slower pace – and fit more content into each bar. This can in turn encourage artists to deliver bars of a more intellectual and thought provoking nature – due to the additional space in the music. Dot Rotten tries this same approach on Spirit Bomb, but his attempt at deep-thought and introspection falls flat on its face – hence the angry/dissatisfied fan reactions to the dub when it was released in early August 2017.

To be honest the dub itself is okay, but it failed to deliver on the ‘Skeng Meter’ for what we and fans alike locked – and stayed lock into the clash for in the first place; Grime. After that P brought more fire & fury with his last dub Shut Up Blud where he exposes Dot to a whole new degree by printing a copy of his indictment and showing it on camera proving that he’d lied earlier in the clash about why he was arrested. He also played a recording of Dot lying about chasing Krept and Konan off of their block. This was a masterstroke by P Money and proved to be the final nail in the coffin of this clash making Dots last dub The Truth Part 2 almost irrelevant; reflected in the relatively small amount of Youtube views it generated (78,000) compared to the average amount of views gained by all his other dubs (around the 270,000 mark).

But, what now for P Money and Dot Rotten? How will the outcome of this clash effect these artists and their respective careers as full-time musicians? In P’s case I see victory having absolutely no negative effect on him whatsoever good or bad. By lyrically dismantling his former friend and spar Phas reclaimed the respect he lost by backing out of a clash with Dapz OTM during the Live + Direct special edition of The Grime Show on Rinse FM late last year. His failure to accept Dapz’ invitation to ‘have it’ didn’t sit too well with his peers and weakened his standing amongst fellow MCs and artists. Victory against Dot has gone some way to reverse this.

Even though he lost the clash I can’t see it harming Dot Rottens career to any great extent either really. But unfortunately with so much of his dirty laundry out in the open now, it may change how his fans, other MCs and people in his circle look at him. It’s one thing to lose a Grime clash but with the amount of mud slung at Dot by P Money for some people that mud might just stick. Weather it does or doesn’t there is one thing that can’t be denied and that’s Dots musical ability. Not only is he a top boy MC and highly skilled producer just as proficient at making Rap beats as he is at make Grime riddims he can also hold a note or two when he wants.

And there’s no finer example of his talent and ability to adapt than this track – produced by Dot AKA Zeph Ellis – while also performing the hook – switiching lanes and getting his feet wet in the burgeoning Afroswing scene. So the story definitely aint other for this guy.


P.S. Two things about the last track. Dot kills it, and my man Podgy just doesn’t… plus the beat is suspiciously similar to ‘Controlla by Drake’, but hey, if anyone can get away with reworking a classic with his own style, it’s dot!

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