After crossing paths at the battle cruiser with Rose on Well Street, E9 – a local, Hackney native girl, and the youngest bee enthusiast I’d ever come across. Largely due to the crises among inner city bee’s if you remember the sensational news a few years back, I believe….

Anyway, it was after the Moshiko Koshino show last Friday that I found myself at said battle cruiser and after chat we got onto the subject of a project she’s perusing to help rebalance the population of bee’s in her local and native community of Hackney. And, after mentioning that a bee keeper would be coming down to check on the hive the following Monday – which happened to be located on the roof of the boozer; otherwise known as ‘The Gun’ – I took the opportunity to experience the role of an inner city bee keeper, and the process of making REAL natural honey; none’ah that processed Supermarket bollocks…

So, here’s how the day progressed:


Mumzy movin’ camera shy, despite modelling for Michiko Koshino ironically; small world init…

IMG_0682IMG_0678IMG_0676IMG_0675IMG_0674IMG_0672IMG_0671IMG_0670IMG_0669IMG_0668IMG_0666img_0664-1IMG_0786IMG_0785IMG_0784IMG_0781IMG_0782IMG_0779IMG_0775IMG_0776IMG_0771IMG_0772IMG_0773IMG_0768IMG_0766IMG_0762IMG_0761IMG_0758IMG_0751IMG_0748IMG_0744IMG_0746IMG_0745IMG_0741IMG_0740IMG_0739IMG_0738IMG_0737IMG_0734 (1)IMG_0709IMG_0733IMG_0727IMG_0725IMG_0723IMG_0722IMG_0721

Lovin’ it…



Shout out man like Khuzzy. Dog walker extraordinaire…



Unfortunately, on this occasion I didn’t get to interview Rose fully – as I wanted to know more about her experiences growing up in Hackney and, as an 18 year old, how she viewed youth culture, her community and the realms Urban music that I deal in. So that’ll have to wait.

’til the next time…


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