It would seem in 2017 the profound level in which – capitalism – for want of a better phrase – has successfully clawed it’s way into the institutions we once held in high regard for their integrity and commitment to giving credible news and talent – for the purpose of this post – to the attention of the masses.

fader fat cats

Unfortunately, most – if you not all – due to the pressure to expand, grow and endeavour to increase profits; a core principal of business and a unavoidable factor with regards to capitalism – are falling victim to weight of this debilitating culture.


The most recent example of which being The Fader’s article on the Dr Phil meme queen and instafamer turned psuedo Bubblegum-Trap rapper called BHAD BABIE – if you must, you can read the dowy piece of pony HERE. On the face of it, it appears to be a bog standard plug for a new single. But when you peel back the layers, and read between the lines, it’s another depressing example of PR based, revenue raising, click bait fake news. Music that for all intents and purposes is complete bollocks when you consider the plethora of new and exciting music both here and in the US.

What ever happened to quality control? It used to be that music journalism of the ilk that The Fader PROVIDED would act as somewhat of a filter, an informed voice that would point music heads in the direction of quality but the ever grinding cogs of the online media machine has changed all of that. In the publications non stop pursuit of content, a platform is now providing this heavily misinformed opinions of music; whilst these fat cats business bredders at The Fader are creating exposure for talentless eediats such as BHAD BABIE whilst musical/artistic tastes of more easily led readership is being dulled to a very flat point.

The tall and short of it is. The Fader, and corporate dependant platforms alike – VICE we’re also looking at you – cannot be considered trusted platforms of artistic integrity anymore.

So, #RIPTHEFADER your credibility in my eye’s and that of many other has fallen into the dark abyss. SO UP THE WATSON ROSE AND ‘TRENCH’ 👀 – pushing the new wave of independent editorial media; utilising the freedom of the internet and pursuing passion over profit. Along with platforms and growing creative institutions like Link Up TV and GRM Daily taking major strides in building credible institutions. So, the future aint bleak, the presents just a bit #MERKY, still.

Respek and love.🙏🏾♥️


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