#GANGONDAGRAM returns with the highlights that’ve fed my insta-feed of late. ‘Ave a butchers…πŸ˜‰

ALEX MAY HUGHES – for those that know…:


ALEX – dis guys…

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Tubular πŸ€™πŸ½

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JOSH – did this portrait for Josh last week immediately after I finished a heavy days graft; as i’m sure it comes across in the image. Got a man looking ‘over worked and underpaid’ / fresh off the cotton field – This is art my friends…

BANGLEZ – biggup Banglez. On top of the next single, he’s got a new project with up and coming producers that I’m excited to hear. Keep it πŸ‘€

P – shoutout P, Kofi, Chris and rhe Rah Boi family. Going from strength to strength out ere.

NELLIE – delivering her distinct brand of insta-humour…

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Portrait of the artist as a young man

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Shameless self-promo:


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