After nearly everyone in the scene from Grime’s chart topping mic-man Stormzy and formidable producer Steel Banglez to toppatop DJ Siobhan Bell were all posting a picture on instagram reading “SUNDAY 9PM” two days ago with no further information, after confusion, widespread secrecy and hype…

It’s now been announced that Krept and Konan will be releasing 2 mixtapes on October the 20th – with more music coming this week.

After their album ‘The Long Way Home’ in 2015 featuring the DJ Mustard instrumental rework of the Dancehall classic ‘Zimma Zimma by Bennie Man’ in the form of their hit single ‘Freak of the Week’; since then, Krept and Konan have done little. 

Their only noticeable moves being to hop on the ‘Robbery’ and ‘Liar Liar Remix’ + a few cold freestyles – namely Last Night in LA AND Last Night in Vegas which did light up the social media waves at the time, but many fans may have allowed them to slip out of the conversation and with the climate for viable Urban Music sales unlike the climate when they dropped their album it seems as though may be taking the opportunity to capitalise on the recent rise of Grime into mainstream consciousness and eidespread acceptance of bona fide British street music.

The 2 mixtapes are split into two; one called 7 days and the other 7 nights. On the 7 days mixtape we have featuring artists such as Mercury nominated Stormzy and J Hus as well as skepta and another track with Abra Cadabra. On the less grimey and more Freak of the week side Tory lanez features and upcoming artist Hudson east on 3 tracks of the 21 overall – an effort to please both sides of their contrasting fanbase. 

Regardless of the music, the way the album was released has undoubtedly created hype over a mixtape that may not’ve had as much success as other projects by others who’ve been grinding in recent years for the young linkup and SBTV watching audiences of today. But that’s a decade long strong back catalogue; credible industry relationships; and just smart marketing I guess…

Anyway, whether your soft like ice cream or hard as nails it’s looking like this mixtape will have something for you, and everyone thats attracted to the music of Croydon’s OG MC’s Krept and Konan. So based on the UK US split, and the kinda features on the tracklist – From the roadman to the country yoots, cheerleaders to frat boys; this ones for all of you…


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