More time a man reaches a launch party or exhibition for the free booze and social atmosphere. It’s basically like going to the pub for me; and the vast majority of people I know. And yesterday was no different.

Thursday saw the launch of the week long exhibit for Michiko Koshino. Acclaimed by the fashion community as innovator. Since moving to London in the 70s, choosing it over Paris for its enigmatic club scene, she’s been at the vanguard of invention and experimentation. During the 90s, Michiko’s innovations inspired a whole generation as she styled musicians, including Goldie and the Prodigy, and clubbers alike – particularly in the centre of the Madchester era of our rich history of youth culture; this being the area of her work and career that drew my attention – being the British Youth Culture obessive that a man is.

So, here’s a few snaps of some of the archive pieces from the show below:


Legend has it – according to the geezer at the show who gave man the rundown on Michiko’s influence on British style culture – if you were rockin one of those Rain Mac’s to the Hacienda – back when Factory Records and the city of Manchester were runnin’ tings – you basically had certi que jump status. Straight swagger salutes and respect for you prestige and stylish choice of club clobber; sounds like great times…



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