20 year old UK producer Deggzy – is a young musician who’s passed a few milestones and got a couple of significant notches on his belt, despite being so young and otherwise at the early stages of what is, i’m sure, going to be a fruitful career in music. But, on these shore’s atleast, not much is known about him – it would seem he’s better known on otherwise of the pond as it stands. As I’ll allow him to explain..


Seeing as this is a bit of an introductory interview for the UK gang who may no little or nothing about you. Let’s get shed some light on your background. So, where are you from? With regards to your ethnic background, and culturual background?

I’m originally from Ghana, but born in Bois Sauvage – France. I lived there until 11 years old then moved to London. I Moved here cos my parent thought I would get a better education and it was more convenient. i didn’t have a problem with it; I was fine because I came to London on holiday before making a decision.

You have a history that most wouldn’t believe. How – at 15 years old – did you find yourself producing for Chief Keef and being transatlantic force in the Chicago Drill Scene?

I didn’t really know if he knew about me or heard about me before, but because Young Chop heard of me from the beats I’m sure that helped with getting Chief Keef on my beat. I contacted him with his private email and we went from there that’s literally it.

At the time I was still in Year 11 and the next day I went school everyone congratulated meliterally  I was still so young it was crazy! And the day before, the song had got released, so I got home and I had a notification from my bro Chapo; he’s another producer from France  (@iChapo). He’d put this link of this song on my Facebook Wall and just titled the post “Well Done Deggzy” so when I clicked on it, man it was a good feeling.

That was my first Major Credit From the Chicago scene and it helped to get way more. That specific credit gave me more exposure and all sort of artists and producers wanted to work with me. But don’t get it twisted; before that I was working with lot’s of other artists in Chiraq Like M.I.C (Mikey Dollaz IL Will Lil Chris) Sasha Go Hard Chella H and more… 

Agter all that I also managed to produce for Tink and Dreezy which was a different experience on the R&B and rap side with female artists. I’ve also been approached by some A&R from Atlantic which was looking for beats for Kevin Gates and one of Wiz Khalifa’s Album’s. I think this was in 2014 or 2013 but then I don’t know didn’t really hear back from him after we spoke and everything.

Is it also true that – as a result of your work in the US Drill scene – you’re well know in Chiraq. Even more so than in the UK?

Yeah, there was point where i was producing a few of the hits in Chiraq, so I was in the Top 4 Producers alongside Young Chop In Chicago  – even though I was in London. So yeah, I think I did some good work in that scene and people can remember me for being involved in that whole movement; Young Chop liked my stuff you know; shout out to him.

You used to sell beats online – which seems like a sound revenue stream. Why did you decide to stop doing that?

The money was all alright and stuff, but I felt like I was wasting some of the beats because they deserved much more recognition for the stage I was at. Like, I didn’t just want to sell a beat then when the song comes out it has no impact on me. These days I’d rather work with an artist properly in the studio, build a catalog with them and go from there. The page was doing very well though, it had ’bout 100k hits and plays.

What are your musical influences? Clearly your into your US stuff, but does UK music play a role in shaping your sound?

My influences… hmmm, I like Soulja boy he definitely is my top influence because I used to listen to him ever since Crank That and still listen to him up to this day, so whenever he has new stuff out yeah I check it out. He’s got a different sauce that I like, but I also like Chief Keef , Migos , Young Thug, Future, Gucci Mane , Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Nav; basically most of the new school rappers from ATL. As far as UK Music I wouldn’t say it played a big role in shaping my sound because I was always into the American Music but I’d listen to Uk Music here and there –  Giggs for examples…

Whats your relationship with Vibesquad? And could you shed some light on the history behind the significance of crew?

Basically Wizzy from Vibesquad is my brother, so that’s how I knew his friends. We been studio a couple times and done some work, but we never really got to putting it out. At first they were rapping doing hip-hop but then they wanted to make music that people could vibe to – that’s how they came up with the name Vibe Squad. So they got into the Afrobeats scene and it picked up really good for them. They’ve collabed with Bisa Kdei and even Fuse ODG so that’s a bit of light there *laughs*.

What artists in UK – mainstream, underground or completely unknown – would you wanna work with UK?

Hmmm, in the UK I like Yung Fume, The £R movement, Nafe Smallz and D Block Europe, Young adz. I’d wanna work with them as they got the sound that I also like I think we could make some serious bangers for people’s ears. I’ve already done some work with Lancey Fouxx but that also never got its chance to come out, really in truly any one who listens and likes US autotune music or just sauce music then we can work as long as they’re serious and not trying to waste my time.


What’s the plan for the future? Any projects lined up? And will you be more music with the Chitown Rappers you’ve connected with in the past

For the future I plan on releasing some songs of my own as a lot of people are feeling the new sound I have and with that I got videos done and ready to drop so be on the lookout soon that’s the plan and as far as the beats yes they are still there and still making new ones still looking for more serious artists but I got my new artist who I’m working with. His name is Shapes Vandross who’s big brother is Shocktown. We got a joint mixtape coming and it’s fire in my opinion I’ve got feedback from few people and they saying to drop it but you know it’s not good to rush but also not good to wait too long but we got it all planned. Also got another which consists of a different wave that me and my guy 46 been working on it’s gonna be called 46 and 88 watch out for that too. They will all be released on Apple Music And Spotify. And as far as the chitown rappers I could do music with them at any time but right now I’m more into the Atlanta scene which is bigger but yeah I havn’t really made my march in there but I have a couple connects that can help me so it’s all good.


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