From the E3 council housing estates and city wide pirate radio stations to the summer festivals and showpiece music award ceremonies. Despite its triumphant rise from throwaway niche genre to number 1 cultural export one thing hasn’t changed; and that’s the high level of importance the radio set holds within this unique British sound. Because of this Grime has nestled itself snugly within the schedules of most of the popular UK radio stations today. All of these shows extend to the video platform and can easily be found on YouTube and other social media sites.

But the people that do the sound most justice are those at The Grime Show on Rinse FM every Sunday 21:00 till 23:00. Presented by DJ, producer and all-round Rinse FM legend Sir Spyro – AKA The Mayor of Stratford – not only brings us the best music Grime has to offer, but also golden moments that truly reflect the cultural traditions the music stems from. Furthermore these moments add to the already rich mythology surrounding these artists and MCs. So with that being said here’s a breakdown of 5 classic moments in the history of The Grime Show.

1) Tension in the air between Scrufizzer, Maxsta and Kozzie (Feb 2015)

This set also features Teddy Music AKA Silencer, Nottingham representer Mez, and Discarda amongst others but its the hostility and tension felt between Maxsta, Kozzie and Scrufizzer that really catches the eye. Over the years Maxsta and Scrufizzer have built together a solid friendship/working relationship but from their body language of sly looks and slight shoulder bumps you can tell that they don’t get along with Kozzie at all. Things nearly boil over when right at the beginning Kozzie, whilst spraying on the mic, is flanked on both sides by Maxsta on his left and Scrufizzer on his right with a rather big and imposing figure -presumably one of Scru’s friends stands slightly behind him effectively boxing Kozzie in. When he gets a reload for one of his bars the whole room erupts, but Maxsta takes this as an opportunity to grab Kozzie by the arm – roughly pushing and pulling him in an act of phoney excitement. Kozzie doesn’t take too kindly to this giving him the biggest scowl you have ever seen in your life but Maxstas message is clear “I could give you a real good beating right now so you better be on your best behaviour or else!”

After a quick look around Kozzie now fully aware of the situation wisely keeps calm and continues to spray his bars. This sets the tone for the rest of the show and makes it clear to everyone present that the animosity is very real.

From here on in you can see the atmosphere charged with an edge and tension not too often witnessed in videos like these. But all the intimidation is hardly a surprise when you consider that back in 2010 Maxsta was rushed by Kozzie and others after his KISS 100 radio appearance with DJ Logan Sama. Merky Ace – fellow Blue Borough native – who was also there for Maxsta’s beat down speaks about what happened and all the events that led up to the incident in an interview that you can find online. Maxsta also touches upon the subject during a BBC Radio 1Xtra freestyle with Scrufizzer which has reached 140k views on Youtube.

2) P Money backs out of a clash with Dapz On The Map
(Oct 2016)

This special one off show was to prepare for Ps launch party at XOYO celebrating the release of his debut album Live + Direct. Along with his OG CO-D ‘Blacks’, P Money invited Dapz On The Map, Jaykae, Tana and K2 (all Midlands artists) to support him on the night as well as join in with the radio set and for the first 15 minutes of the video, all seemed to be going well. Then the rest of the MCs arrive and as soon as Jaykae touches the mic the indirects towards P start to fly. For the next 10 minutes all P Money can do is shrink into the background as he endures the lyrical wrath of some of the Midlands top level barers. Once its his turn to spit again it can’t be denied that P goes in. But when his bars are over… the onslaught continues right up until 30 minutes in when Dapz and P are now both on the mic.

Here’s where it get interesting. Dapz after spraying his bars invites P for a little back and forth clash ting but instead of saying yes, P Money says no and urges Dapz On The Map to spit the rest of his bars. In an interview with DJ Argue for Radar Radios online freestyle and interview series GRIMESCENE MC So Large who grew up in and around the fabled Bow E3 said:

”You see this genre here? This genre here is built on clashing, aggression. This is what this things about. Its not RnB bro its Grime”.

The fact that P’s been part of the two biggest clashes on Grime in the last 10 years (the first being with Ghetts and the second with Big H for Lord Of The Mics 6) you’d think that P Money would’ve responded in the right way but when it was put on him he folded and spent the rest of the set in the shadow of his guests.

3) The Square shell down Rinse for the first time since Novelist left (Aug 2016)

Back in November 2014 ‘The Square’ with record label ‘No Hats No Hoods’ shot and released the video for the lead track ‘Pengaleng’ from their debut mixtape The Formula. A few months later Lewisham McDeez was released and The Squares ascent into Grimes top tier of elite crews was guaranteed….or so it seemed. They had everything, a slick and well crafted street image, MCs with more than enough skill and ability to forge successful solo careers and a ferocious work rate that saw them perform show after show after show in mainland Europe and as well as the UK. But in Sep 2015 south London don and The Squares founding member Novelist posted this tweet:

”I’ve left The Square. Shifty things have been happening for a while & I’m 18 carrying a lot of people’s careers alone. Time to be myself”.

Being the most high-profile member of The Square due to collaborations with Mumdance on tracks Take Time and 1 Sec and appearing on sets with the likes of DJ Slimzee, Skepta and Jammer, when Novelist announced he had left many people wondered whether or not The Square would survive. They answered their critics in the best possible way with the release of new track ‘Defeat Us’ in July 2016, but the real treat was to come a month later as they all made their way to the Rinse FM studios for a radio set that must surely go down in the annuals as one of the best by a new skool Grime crew.

With a few indirects aimed at their former their former crew member and a new line up of MCs, Elf Kid, Blakie, Streema, Faultsz, Dee Jillz and Deema all come together to show the whole scene how it’s really done. With a potent mix of raw, unfiltered lyrical content, skippy flows, and a strong chemistry and understanding between the individual crew members, The Square manage to whip up an energy and hype that is literally spine tingling. The highlight comes 33 minutes in when Blakie, complete with gold chain and string vest, switches into yard man mode with a Ragga flow that has the whole room shouting and cheering for more.

4) Novelist introduces SBK to the world (Oct 2016)

When this show was being aired Nov had been separated from The Square for about a year but during that time things seemed to be moving nicely for the Lewisham MC.  Not only was he putting out a steady flow of new material with tracks such as ‘Break In Your House’ and ‘Ignorant and Wot’ he was also in the studio crafting a completely new style of music which he later dubbed ‘Ruff Sound’. This spawned something of a following amongst his peers and lead to several shows and radio appearances where he was able to showcase this new sound to the world. Taking elements from both Grime and Jungle Ruff Sound is a lot faster than the typical instrumentals you would hear on a Grime track and runs at around 150-160bpm. During an interview with NTS radio Novelist says:

”Hold tight all the man that do Grime but we got bored of this Grime thing you get me? So we just made our own thing in the ends. Its a bit faster, man spit half-time as well and its not just man whose producing it but bare man. Its a Lewisham movement so”.

Along with this, Nov was also working on getting his record label (MMMYEH Records) to the next level and had build a brand new team (Tugg Sett Mafia) of fellow MCs and producers to help push things forward. Members included Prem (his older brother) and Pharoah. So needless to say when Novelist touched down for this set he was coming with some serious clout.
The video starts off typically enough with Nov spitting trademark bars that have been lighting up radio sets all over the capital, but 11 minutes in he invites a 14 year old MC named SBK to join in to. With shades of Wiley, Ice Kid and Chipmunk at Westwoods show on BBC 1Xtra in 2007, what makes this moment so important isn’t the bars. SBK is good, but at 16 Ice Kid and Chipmunk were on a next level comparatively. What makes this moment Radio important is the meaning behind it. It’s a statement of intent. With his label up-and-running Novelist is saying that he’s HERE! He’s got the money, he’s got the backing and he now has the power and influence to place people with the right kind of talent on a platform that can set them up for life.

5) Mez and PK shell down (Jul 2017)

These two have appeared on The Grime Show together before but their latest outing on Rinse offers the public another opportunity to see two of Grimes most skilled and respected new generation dons in action. Coming from separate parts of the UK (Mez from Nottingham and PK from Camden) their careers and come-up in the game have been different, but one thing they do hold in common is their ability to bring energy and flavour to any set or stage they touch. Being the stand out member of Grime crew YGG due to his skippy stylee and extensive arsenal of reload bars, PK quickly gained the scenes attention and after countless radio sets, a guest feature on P Moneys 10/10 remix followed, and the track currently has more than half a million views on YouTube. Mez on the other hand is a solo artist and began grinding in the Nottingham scene appearing in several freestyle videos with JDZMedia. More recently it’s his style and flow that has been likened to east end shower man and Newham General D Double E which has attracted most of the praise for the young up-and-comer and since spending more and more time in London featuring on sets at Eskimo Dance, among other raves, has played a part in the development of a friendship with PK based on mutual respect for each others craft and position in the game. Both MCs have reached high status in the scene and this set, full of certified runaway skeng man riddims and the most fire of fire bars, is another example of two MCs at the peak of their powers.


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