Back once again. And once again taking a trip down to the studio with some more leaders of the new skool.

Here’s how the day progressed.


Obvously, after me graft @ Soho Market, I headed to Stratford via Westminster…


After touchin’ down in E15 and gripsin’ a fine polish larger, I bucked up with my boy Blairy AKA Blairy Hendrix – Co-Producer of J Hus’ breakthrough tune ‘Dem Boy Paigon’; and soon to be on the buttons for a lot more…


We chooped it up for a minute waiting  for Deggzy – another young producer with some serious understated acclaim; which we’ll get to when his interview drops in a couple weeks.

Anyway, he eventually turned up and we hopped in motor and span down to Greenwich to reach studio…


Quick supermarket stop. The mandem were hungry still…


Billin’ dem😏😉


Josh (the alternate producer for the aforementioned J Hus breakthrough track) on the left in debate… 


… while for us man it was time for zoot break – straight.🤷🏾‍♂️


What was mean’t to be a quiet session of listening to tunes and doing interviews, because of the amount of man inside (Biggup Timmi, Yobo & da guys) we spent the entirety of the occassion bangin’ tunes, bussin’ joke and debating top MC’s and current affairs.

So, seeing as it was pushing 11pm I had to duck – Greenwich to Enfield is a trek as you could imagine. So, we decided to bang out the interviews online (which are now complete) and will drop as and when. 
Look out for Blairy’s droppin’ tomorrow, an interview I did with Butterz CEO & Grime aficionado ‘Elijah’ next week, Deggzy’s the week after – trust me for a guy at 22 he’s got some history in the game… globally! Plus plenty more interviews from all corners of British youth culture…


’til the next time…


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