Wherher you were stay, or remain with regards to Brexit – as recommended by a pal of mine on Facebook – I’ve got something that’s for ya that’s worth a read. Particularly, if you failed to understand or investigate the EU’s flaws; or just didn’t want to have to properly consider them. Ironically, most heads who were loudly pro-EU, were also pro Corbyn (in the end). The issue arises when a considerable amount of Labours new policies are actually deemed illegal under EU law and this was the point many people on the left were trying to make through the never ending accusations of xenophobia by your average liberal – who didn’t take the time to consider any rational reason for a non-racist, liberal, working class citizen would want to leave The EU. But, based on performance, it comes across strongly that the EU has been a trade block, that in many regards is set up to ensure neoliberalism rules the roost on the continent. And thus, Socialism has no place at it’s the table.

You can check out full story in The Guardian article on this particular topic HERE

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