This Saturday see’s London’s 3rd Red Hook Crit at the Greenwich Peninsula in the South East of London. The now 9 years old and respected event for serious – or potentialy psychoatic – high-speed cyclists since it was launched in Brooklyn, Red Hook 2008.


The man responsible  ‘David August Trimble’set out to create a track bike criterium held on a short race circuit at night in front of thousands of spectators and athletes from London and around the world to witness the wickedest whip-rounds of silly speeds and the baddest bikes in a four-city series (Brooklyn, Barcelona, Milan and London) to claim the coveted championship title.

Heats are held in the day for riders to qualify for a certain time, with the two main races, Male and females showcasing in the evening. Expect tight lycra, plenty of beer on the go, hype, heckling from spectators, bike crashes and a furiously fast track races with; NO BRAKES; and ONE GEAR – risking life and lim – zattin’ around the circuit to take home the trophy. Last year saw female Olympian Dani King lapping up the female field and winning with no effort. I hear she’s coming back and bringing some fast friends this year.


After seeing this, you may be converted into getting on your bike, joining the fun, ridin’ fast, wearing jazzy tight lycra and saying things like “Rad” all the time. ;). Or, maybe you’ll just walk away having had an excilirating experience, a belly full of beer and the satisfaction of a good dayout.

I’ll be there volunteering, so pray for me and after you’ve done that, come say hello and grab yourself a cowbell to cheer… or heckle if that’s your vibe…

Not to be missed! Free to spectate!

Peep their instagram on @redhookcrit and their website for all schedule times and info on:


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