First of all, the slunt ‘Theresa May’ is experiencing intense political pressure – including from her own cabinet colleagues – to ease the strain for cash-strapped public servants, including nurses and teachers. After a spasm of critical thought she responds by warning MPs about the risks of loosening the purse strings. “This is not a theoretical issue. Let us look at those countries that failed to deal with it. In Greece, where they have not dealt with the deficit … What did we see with that failure to deal with the deficit? Spending on the health service cut by 36%. That does not help nurses or patients,” she said.

Junior Doctors Hold All-out Strike


Comparisons with Greece were repeatedly used by George Osborne in 2010 to justify public spending cuts, as riots erupted on the streets of Athens over the stringent bailout conditions; which speaks volumes about the ability of the Tories spinning the social climate to suit their agenda. I am perpetually astounding by the fact that these out of touch eediats don;t realist that we have the internet, and all there breeze and empty promises are on record and will be used against them.

A spokesman for Corbyn and the Labour Party went on to describe these dowy claims as “preposterous”. “The situation in Greece is tied up with the eurozone and the management of the eurozone banks – we’re not remotely in that situation. Our manifesto and our pledges were costed, unlike the government’s,” he said.

These heartless decisions being made by our current Tory government are, by no surprise, are causing our ‘week and wobbly’ PM to decline in popularity since last month’s general election with a new opinion poll showing 61% of voters now view her in a more negative light than they did when the electorate denied her an overall majority on 8 June.


While man like Corbyn on the other hand’s reinvigorated party is now on 45%, six points ahead of the Tories (on 39%), which if replicated in a general election would put Corbyn in a strong position to enter Downing Street as prime minister if one was called in the near future.

There’s still all to fight for; be counted and keep representin’ the ting! Particularly at the ‘JUSTICE FOR GRENFELL’ Rallyb@ Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall on 19th July – More info HERE

YOU CAN SCOPE OUT SOME SOME AUDIO/VISUAL from the #TORIESOUT anti austerity march from 1st July below:


P.S Hail up these two for deciding to get the old weddings photo’s in middle of a large scale anti-goverment protest. Bizarre, but ratings all the same…




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