If you follow UK Rap, UK Afrobeats, Afroswing and the sounds of the streets you’ll be familiar with DJ P Montana. Who, along with Kenny Allstar is now arguably one of the most important DJ’s in the underground UK Rap sphere, and he’s set to grow in relevance and importance  – following a series of 1Xtra guestmix takeover appearances on Sian Anderson’s show in April which further boosted his profile.

A couple of months on and P is now focusing on an ‘Afroswing’ mixtape / album / compilation project will put his production game in the spotlight. The of details of the project I’m not fully aware of, but based on his social media coverage and a short chat with his manager Kofi, it’ll be featuring a whole host of today’s emerging talent.

I’ll be heading down to the Red Bull Music Studio’s later today to buck up with P, get some coverage and ask him a little bit about the project. So, look out for the follow up #ACTIVEBOYS post dropping tomorrow with what went down today.


Check out P’s latest Mix ‘1,000,000 plays’ and keep it locked for the follow up!

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