Yesterday I, along with a few heads reached the ‘Grenfell Tower Memorial Demonstration’ @ Parliament Square. Which was running along side conitued demonstrations around the Latimer Road area. But intended to bring further media attention to the tragedy, remember the people the passed away, and for some, push the narrative that this is a case of corporate manslaughter – and one that I agree with. Anyway, here’s how it progressed…




Certain man took the opportunity to cool down in the dairy aisle…


And other man were on a lay, so we kept it movin’. Biggup Frost for being on time and rockin’ the ANDOH 1 tee, still.

#RIPJULIANANDOH – Your spirit lives on.



These yoots.. My man on the left is a Syrian geezer who grew up in Battersea, who lost 5 members of his family in the madness that’s poppin’ off in his native land, and as a result, claimed to have slew’d 10 ISIS members after enlisting in the army while visiting the home land at 19 years old. He now plans to become a politician as he feels Syrians are underrepresented, but I dunno how far he’ll get going around telling people he’s duppied 10 man as his opening gambit. But anythings possible I guess…

The geezer with the Yankee’s cap was calm and delivered some solid points about the relationship between the Grenfell Tower incident and national politics, but that wanka on the right was just there to be an irritable argumentative arsehole. I mean, look at his body language… does that look like a man who’s open to new idea’s? Look at the smirk on his face, and the patronising manor in which he stands there, arms folded looking at the next yoot like he’s some kind of eediat. We tried to reason with him, but he was deeply commited to his pathetic psuedo anarchistic rhetoric. Luckily someone called him over so we were saved from having to endure anymore of muggy behaviour…


These man eventually turned up…



Jo just reminding gang that Kenzie used to go out with Jodie Marsh. Arguably the two most irrelevant celebrities you could possibly think of, but the conversation had obviously stemmed from Marcel and his antics on Love Island. Marcel; His Band; Blazin Squad; Kenzie; Kenzie used to beat Jodie Marsh – that’s pretty much how it ran…


After staying for the minute silence we decided it was time to breeze; all things considered, we’d represented enough for one evening; and that’s what counts – being counted. Making up the numbers.


The way things seem there’s going to be contiued rallies, demo’s, marches and protests for the foreseeable future. Not just for Grenfell, but for the overall shoddy state of British Government, the impact of austerity and the lack of public welfare and support for the public sector. With Saturday being the next demonstration @ Parliament Square for Grenfell (looking like it will be significantly bigger than yesterday’s) and the huge ‘NOT ONE DAY MORE – #TORIESOUT’ protest on 1st July. So, get involved, be counted and if you want – have a beer doing it 😉


’til the next time…


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