David Lammy (Labour MP – Tottenham) made some emotional and otherwise accurate comments regarding the ‘Grenfell Tower Fire’, before announcing that he’d personally lost a friend in the tragic incident. Khadija Saye happened to live on the 22nd floor and – as a result – couldn’t escape the fire that was intensified by unsafe external cladding intended to “regenerate” the block of flats.

Speaking on Channel 4, he said: “For your middle-class viewers, this is about whether the welfare state is just schools and hospitals or whether it’s about having a safety net…”

“We need to live in a society where we care for the poorest and the vulnerable. And that means housing. It means somewhere decent to live. It was a noble idea that we built… and it’s falling apart around our eyes. That’s what it’s about.

“It’s about the welfare state. Do we believe in a safety net or not?”

Like David Lammy said, “You can’t contract out everything to the private sector; the private sector do some wonderful things, but they have for-profit motives, they cut corners. If you haven’t got the officers to check on the enforcement of buildings, don’t expect it to be done. And if it’s taken this tragedy to bring that reality home to people, who are lucky enough to live in very different circumstances, then thank God.” – I couldn’t agree more.

In addition to politicians like David Lammy condeming the politics thatlead to this, on the ground level communites and public figures are really pulling together and using their platforms to inspire comradey and social progression. With man like MC Saskilla – in particular – who’s been taking on the mainstream media and directing relentless shots at our current government in the most magnificently entertaining style for his role in #GRIME4CORBYN and now #GRIME4GRENFELL. Echoing the spirit of socio-economic awareness, social responsibility and proaction that seems to be reverberating through mainstream youth culture as a result of the labour election campaign.


Real talk ⬇️



MC and Radio Presenter Big Zuu – a local Ladbroke Grove lad – has also got stuck in and wasted no time in using his artform to reach out, engage, inform and inspire in the form of the ‘Grenfell Tower Tribute’ track which dropped on GRM daily last night.



RIP Khadija Saye and all the people that lost their lives.

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