Jeremy ‘Cunt’ is being his usual piece-of-shit self after insinuating that, despite a palpable level of public support for investment in the NHS – and something you’d think the Tories would take advantage of to regain some dignity.  The Secretary of State for Health is being lacklustre about pay rises for Nurses when addressing 1,000 senior NHS managers at the annual conference of the NHS Confederation, which represents hospital trusts.. “we would like to be more generous with nurses…. but also, we have to live within our budget”. – Tossa..


A slap in the face to the working class, underprivileged and vulnerable members of society when you understand that this parasite vetoed even a 1% payrise for Nurses, yet payrises for MP’s have risen over 10% since the bloody Tories have been running the show. Not to mention arseholes like Maureen Williams (Deputy Chair of NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group – The panel which decides on senior pay in Liverpool) has just resigned for her scandalous abuse of power, helping herself to a £25,000 payrise (boosting her annual salary from £70-£75,000 to £100-£105,000) while our NHS Nurses on the frontline are out here struggling.

This is the arsehole in question by the way. If you see her, verbally remind her that she’s an areahole for me please….


NHS workers have been praised and received widespread public affection in the wake of the three appalling tragedies in the last few weeks – the Manchester bombing, the London attacks and now the Grenfell Tower fire.

Janet Davies from the ‘Royal College of Nurses’ responded to Jeremy Cunts comments by saying: “Pay packets have been cut by £3,000 and England’s NHS is now more than 40,000 nurses short. The government must begin to recognise the impact on patients and nurses themselves.

Nurses should not have to fund the NHS deficit from their own pocket. This summer, the government has one last chance to scrap its pay cap.”


They’ve had to put up with a lot, and now it would seem the RCN are certifiably on this ting! Ready to take industrial action in pursuit of higher pay, 91% said they would support industrial action short of a strike and 78% said they were prepared to withdraw their labour for the first time in the NHS’s 69-year history.

Needless to say – with all that has happened lately, the severity of the impact of austerity is reaching boiling point on all levels. Somethings got to give and SOMEONE’S got to go!


‘May Must Go! Protest’ THIS SATURDAY @ Whitehall, SW1 – More Info HERE

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