IMG_1686Today we all woke up to the tragic news of the fire at Grenfell Tower that’s resulted in 6 deaths (with that total expected to rise) and many people left completely homeless. A tradgedy that, given the severity of the austerity measures put in place by our Conservative government – in compound with the otherwise non-existent availability of social housing – is one that is going to be incredibly difficult to rectify. And something I thought was important to raise to counter act that knee-jerk reaction to immediately and exclusively blame the council for their role in how this unfolded.


I could roll out the statistics on why and how decisions made by our government, leading to under funded local authorities and public services resulting in a subsequent lack of efficiency, reasonable care and due diligence has played a profound role in the outcome of this harrowing event. But, that would be – in some regards – incredibly insensitive. Yet, I do believe it’s important that we not only mourn for the losses and make an effort to help those affected – but also make a conscious emotional connection to the national politics that can catalyse these catastrophies.


If you want an end to austerity for the safety and security of us all; if you – like I did – voted Labour in the election, take this event as motivation to keep up the fight! And stay politically engaged b’cah the war aint over and the battle has just begun!

“Now the election is over, the next phase of our campaign to win power for the majority has already begun. We must remain in permanent campaign mode…”

– Jeremy Corbyn


‘May Must Go! Protest’ THIS SATURDAY @ Whitehall, SW1 – More Info HERE

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