London Rap Collective ‘DB Soundsystem’ who’ve been doin’ bits together for a short while now – but otherwise not made too much of an imprint on the scene – seem to have struck gold with this infectious anthem by the name of ‘Bomboleo’ – an “Afro-Bashment” remix of the French Salsa-Pop group ‘Gypsy Kings’ classic by the same name.

For me, given the Afro-Bashment rhythm and groove, the strong verses – particularly by Ash Catchem – plus the sensual and unforgettable hook culiminate in a Sweet Sundaze Selection. An opinion I’ve come to realise I share with a few notable figures who made it known on social media yesterday evening.




With Mo The Comedian, Mr Exposed and man like Craig David backing what is evidently a solid single, I’m sure this one will be doing the rounds this Sunmer and I’m looking forward to shaking a leg to the sultry sound in the sunshine this year and beyond.

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