After some “complications” with a Radio station I’ll leave unnamed, I’ve been out-of-action on this radio presenting ting. A reality I wasn’t pleased about, but had to accept at the time. Fortunately, thanks to James at Peckham’s finest INDEPENDENT online Radio station Balamii I’ll be returning to the radio-waves on Thursday 29th June – 13:00-15:00pm. Fingers crossed, and if all goes well – I’ll be holding a regular slot on the station. An opportunity I’ve been craving since I first had a crack at it only earlier this year and got a taste for the game.

Seeing as the current slot – for this month atleast – is in the early afternoon I thought it would make sense to reinvent what was a breakfast show into what will now be ‘The Rudeboy Brunch Show’ pilot, on this occasion. So, if you’re reading this and supporting the ting – Lock in, Lock on and tell a friend!


You can check out the ‘London Tax Collective: Watson Rose Takeover’ I did on Balamii Radio last month if you haven’t yet soaked up the riddim ‘n vibes; or if you felt the riddim ‘n vibes and wanna relive the ting.

Biggup, Bless up and stay locked.


P.S. #ACTIVEBOYS Vol.28 soon come…

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